Wedding Dj’s and consultation process.

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Wedding Dj’s and consultation process.

When determining if a Dj is right for you, you should ask and look for the following questions.

1. Does the Dj take requests,  this still eludes me thatother Dj’s do not take requests. I know it is not possible to play all the requests when a Dj is bombarded by 200 plus requests. Especially when they put requests cards on the table. 

2. Ensure the Dj has ample knowledge of the type of music that you want played at your wedding.

3. Ask for referrals. Just because the company has good reviews does not mean that you will get a good Dj.

4. Interview and talk to your Dj to does he know how to read a crowd. When I changes genres does it make sense. How are the transitions.

5.  It is important to know that if the Dj is a club Dj that doesn’t necessarily make him a good wedding Dj. It is one thing to be able to play one type of music in a club, it is another to be able to play all types of music during a wedding and to keep the dance floor packed.  You can’t play club music all night when you are at a country wedding.

 I hope some of these tips help you on your search for a perfect wedding Dj.

Chris Bell

Bell Music